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March 25th, 5pm, SCB 104 The Art of the Pitch: Mark Osborne

Mark Osborne, director of The Little Prince

Mark Osborne, director of The Little Prince

Mark Osborne, the director of The Little Prince and Kung Fu Panda 1 will be dropping by for a casual conversation with Hench-DADA students!

He is bringing along his famous “magic suitcase,” full of incredible, hand-made optical delights, which traveled the world, charming investors and winning over composer Hans Zimmer as well as a stellar cast including Jeff Bridges and Rachel McAdams.

During the 5 1/2 years it took to make the film, the suitcase was the perfect object for pitching the project. Handmade by “Coraline” modeler Joe Schmidt, it includes gears, switches, a giant book of illustrations, the constellations, and more.

“I had people in tears at the end of the pitch,” Osborne said. “It became this very emotional way to communicate to people.”

Mark will share his personal vision of this classic and beloved book, “The Little Prince” and discuss how he made the choice to combine CG and stop motion to tell the story.